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Youth Engagement Committee

Have your voice heard!

The Youth Engagement Committee is a great opportunity for youth in our programs to have their voices heard and to affect real change within the agency. Youth meet with staff every other week to lend their thoughts to everything and anything that comes up. Each meeting includes an Open Table section which gives youth the opportunity to share the important issues facing youth today. Having this voice throughout the agency gives context to the work we do and ensures we are serving youth the way they need to be served.

If you are interested in joining the Youth Engagement Committee, contact Fiona Lacey at flacey@delisleyouth.org. Youth must commit to being part of the school year group from September-May or the summer group from June-August.

The New Mentality

We are proud to be a part of the New Mentality, a network of youth facilitated groups from across Ontario who work with partner agencies in their communities to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. More information on the New Mentality can be found here: The New Mentality

This year's New Mentality Project was creating Mental Health First Aid Kits. Each kit includes a wonderful youth-made workbook, titled Your Mental Health Journal. The journal is available to download and print here: Your Mental Health Journal »