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Real People. Real Stories. Real Impact.

Since opening our doors in 1970, Delisle's level of service has always been fuelled by our motto to care, inspire and empower. Our programs and staff have changed the lives of countless youth and families. Our success is grounded by our desire to deliver the best possible service to our clients; to provide hope and build trust.

Some of the best evidence that we are succeeding in our goals comes in the form of feedback from youth, families and other supporters within our community.

In Their Own Words: What Our Youth and Families Say

As the parent of a child who depends on Delisle, and as a Board Member, I know how much we depend on the generosity of our donors. I also know how carefully this organizations spends every single dollar to achieve the most effective results for as many young people as possible.

- Jim Berry, Parent, Donor, Volunteer, Former Board Member, Former Chair of Fund Development Committee

I submitted my first art piece to Delisle Youth Gallery after a counsellor from Eva's Initiatives recommended it. It was an absolutely humbling experience to share the creative stage with countless of other talented youth across Toronto. It was even more awe-inspiring when I found out that someone was interested in purchasing my art. Since then, I have submitted my art to countless other agencies and publications. Delisle Youth Gallery made me more confident in my abilities and inspired me to take on new challenges. They provided a space for artistic expression at a time when academia is the main focus at school. Delisle was the first and foremost step in my artistic career. I would not be where I am right now without them.

-Ellie, Former Member of the Delisle Youth Gallery Committee

As a single parent of a child with disabilities, it is easy to fall into a downward spiral of hopelessness. How can I afford more help? Who can help me plan for the future? Will I ever have some semblance of a normal life? It is sometimes hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The Delisle Special Needs Team has been that welcome light. They provided us with a dedicated social worker, respite relief funding, and counselling around short and long term planning. Thanks to their support, my family can now function with considerably less stress and fatigue. Delisle has been a lifeline.

- Lucinda, Mother of a Special Needs Child

When I was 16, I packed all my belongings into two garbage bags and left home. My father's drinking was increasing and he became abusive and violent. My school situation fell apart. I went from being a good student to failing all my classes. I started hanging out with all the wrong people and experimenting with drugs. I had to get out. I was lucky. A guidance counsellor at school told me about Delisle and I moved into their residence. At first it was strange being in a group home, but the longer I stayed, the more I trusted it. The staff were consistent, fair and predictable. They took the time to listen to me and supported my decisions. There is no way I would be who I am today if it hadn't been for Delisle. I would be dead or in jail. Delisle does work. I know it first-hand and I see it everyday in my work.

- Angelo Sartor, Delisle In-School Counsellor and Delisle Client from 1980-1981

Most teens are worried about what party to attend, what outfit to wear and who their friends are. By the age of 14, I was worried about where my next meal was going to come from, trying to get to school, dealing with court, and when I was going to get high. At 15, I began attending Delisle's Day Treatment Program. I really wasn't ready for school and my first couple of years were rough. Then I found out that I was pregnant. I stopped using drugs and began applying all the lessons I learned at Delisle to my life. Now, in my fourth year at Delisle, I can't see my life without it. Not only have they helped me develop skills to deal with my emotions, they've worked with me to finish high school and continue on to college. Delisle saved my life.

- Taylor T, Former Student at the Day Treatment Program

Our daughter attended Delisle's school program in the early 1990s. The teachers and other staff made a meaningful difference in her life. They helped her see that she was capable and had skills of value. They challenged her to take risks and develop new strengths. This year, she got her Masters degree in Expressive Art Therapy with a Social Change Intention. She is starting a new job with an alternate high school program this fall. Thank you!

- Delisle Donor/Parent of a Former DYS Youth

In Their Own Words: What Our Community Supporters Say

Side 3 has had the pleasure of performing at several fund raising events for Delisle Youth Services over the past few years. Side 3 works only for charitable causes we believe in, and Delisle is a natural for us since it is provides critical services to children and youth within our own communities. We have continually been impressed with the professionalism of the staff at Delisle. They make our job easier by going to great lengths to ensure that our needs are met, enabling us to do the best job we can for them. Their events are always a huge success, and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with them again.

- Side 3

Families are the foundation of our society and as such the health of our society's families and children are fundamental to the overall health of our society. Delisle Youth Services provides essential services to families and children in need. As the old adage goes the best defence is a great offence. The Delisle team is first rate and their results are impressive as they utilize scarce resources and provide outstanding results. I am proud to support such a terrific organization.

- Steven Campbell, Owner of Lifford Wine Agency