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STARS @ The Studio

Helping Youth Be All the Things

The Studio is an LGBTQ* affirming drop-in space for youth ages 13-21 open Monday to Thursday from 3:00-7:45pm. The Studio offers informal and structured programs and activities in partnership with youth through a framework of allyship. Youth who come to The Studio have real decision-making power and are invited to help create the space and build community in partnership with Studio staff.

The Studio staff strive to provide young people with a space where they can get engaged in their community and explore what the world has to offer from the relative safety of the space they have helped to create. At The Studio, youth are encouraged to challenge themselves, try new things, develop their skills, explore their passions and to create and maintain trusting relationships with peers and adults. We encourage youth to “Be All the Things” they dream of as they develop into adulthood.

*LGBTQ: It’s more than just the letters!
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two Spirit, Queer, Questioning and anyone who identifies along the gender or sexual diversity spectrums)

The Studio is proud to be a wheelchair accessible space.

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40 Orchard View Blvd, Suite 100