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Sometimes problems develop at home that make it difficult to live there. You might be fighting with your parents all the time, or be so depressed or anxious that no matter how your parents try to help it's not enough.

Our residence is a welcoming home for seven young people. It is co-ed and staffed around the clock by our Child and Youth Workers. The program is voluntary, and youth come because they want to make a change in their lives. Families are involved every step of the way.

As a resident, you have to go to school, work or volunteer. Being involved in a meaningful daytime activity that will move your life forward is really important. You will also participate in chores, help out around the house, and be expected to follow basic house rules. In return, you get a say in how many things around the house are run.

Youth are referred through the CARS (Centralized Access to Residential Services) program at DYS.

Once the referral is made to us, you and your family meet with our social worker to talk about what problems you are having, what is going well for you, and to arrange a tour of the house. When you move into the house you will set goals and develop an action plan to meet them. If you need something we can't provide, we will involve other professionals on our team or get you to the right resources.

You will have a primary worker assigned that you can talk to, and our social worker will meet with you and your family on a regular basis.

If you are working with a counsellor, therapist, doctor or other professional, they can make a referral directly to CARS by calling (416) 482-7884.

If you are not working with a counsellor, therapist or doctor who can make the referral, call our counselling department at (416) 482-0081 to arrange an intake where you can find out what type of help would be best for you and your family.