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Delisle's long term co-ed residential program provides a welcoming home environment for seven youth at a time. Staffed 24/7, the residence is for youth who need somewhere to live due to family breakdowns, physical or sexual abuse, emotional trauma or mental illness. Youth gain life skills and confidence, supported by dedicated child and youth workers, and a social worker.

Delisle's residence is a voluntary program and youth come because they want to make a change in their lives. Families are involved every step of the way.

While in residence, clients must go to school, work, or volunteer. They participate in chores and follow house expectations. They have a say in many aspects of how the house is run from giving input on hiring staff to planning activities to giving suggestions about the house in general.

Youth are referred through CARS (Centralized Access to Residential Services). It all starts with a phone call and intake appointment. Each client and family who comes to the program receives an assessment of their needs and together with staff develop an Action Plan focused on the goals they wish to accomplish.

Youth develop a range of new skills while at the house including:

  • Learning to take care of themselves by cooking, doing laundry and managing money
  • Understanding their psychiatric symptoms and managing them
  • Managing moods and behaviour
  • Developing communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding and developing healthy relationships with family, adults and peers

Each client is assigned a primary worker and sees our social worker for individual and family sessions. Groups are conducted twice a week.

Professionals working with a youth or family can call CARS (Centralized Access to Residential Services) at (416) 482-7884 to make a referral to residential services.

If you are a youth or family member and are not working with a counsellor, therapist, or doctor who can make the referral, please call our counselling department at (416) 482-0081 to arrange an intake during which you can find out what type of help would be best for you and your family.