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Does your sibling have a mental illness? Do you feel confused, ashamed, resentful, or angry? You are not alone.

Having a sibling who can be unpredictable or whose moods go from high to low in seconds is hard. You expect the fun, friendship, fights and rivalries that most siblings experience but when your sibling has a mental health issue it can affect you and everyone else in your family in different ways. You need support for yourself.

If you live in Toronto you can call Delisle Youth Services at (416) 482-0081 to find a counsellor you can talk to. In Canada you can call: Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or visit them online at www.kidshelpphone.ca to connect with a counsellor who can help you.

Check out these web sites to get more info, read about how other siblings cope and find out what you can do to look after yourself:

  • Rethink Sibs is a site for brothers and sisters affected by mental illness is the family.
  • NAMI provides coping tips for siblings and adult children of persons with mental illness.
  • For Teens - When your brother or sister has psychosis.
  • Bipolar Disorder - Effects on the Family

For our list of recommended crisis resources, check out our Crisis Emergency Information List ».

For our list of recommended Toronto walk in counselling, check out our Walk In Counselling Information ».

Access our list of 24-hour crisis lines on our Emergency page.

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