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Day Treatment Programs

Is attending and meeting the demands of school a real challenge for you? A Delisle Day Treatment Program might be an option if you are experiencing some of the following:

  • having trouble getting to school and attending regularly
  • academic challenges working towards your credits
  • social and communication issues with teachers and maybe other students
  • being too depressed to do your work
  • problems at home
  • the support at school and in your community doesn’t seem to be enough
  • your problems won’t go away and you need more help because they are negatively impacting you at school, home and socially

What are the Day Treatment Programs

The Delisle Day Treatment Programs, Visions and Merge, are a way of meeting some high-school students’ needs for extra support academically, socially or for coping. These Programs have helped many young people find successes, stay in school, earn high-school credits, and feel more confident and hopeful about their future.

There are two different types of Day Treatment Programs based on the intensity of the required supports. The Delisle youth worker will assess which Day Treatment Program will best meet the student’s needs.

Where are the Day Treatment Programs

The Day Treatment Programs are located in two west end Toronto high schools. The classes are small (six to eight students per class) and have a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) teacher and Delisle youth workers in every class. Each student has their own learning and treatment plan that has been developed together with the student, Delisle team and teachers and preferably, with the student’s caregiver. The focus is on helping each student cope with their issues and challenges.

Get Connected with the Day Treatment Programs

  • Call (416) 482-0081 or email info@delisleyouth.org for more information and/or to book an appointment.
  • You can make the call, or you can ask your caregiver, teacher, community or health professional to make the call.
  • At the meeting, we will discuss your strengths and challenges, academic and otherwise.
  • With your approval, your caregiver is invited to be involved at every step of the way as it has been proven to enhance students’ successes.
  • If everyone agrees that the proposed Day Treatment Program is for you, you are welcome to take a tour of the Program; once in the Program, you will have our full support.
  • If you need something we can't provide, we will involve other professionals on our team or get you to the right resources.


Anxiety was controlling my every move. The Merge Program showed me how to fight back and helped me reclaim the upper hand over my mental state. - Merge Student

The students who attend Delisle’s Merge Day Treatment Program have enhanced my passion, desire, motivation and growth as a youth worker each and every day. - Delisle Youth Worker

To blend together; to combine or unite. This is the dictionary definition of ‘merge’ and this is how the MERGE Day Treatment Program plays out in the classroom. Merge Day Treatment Program provides a blending, a combining, a uniting, a ‘Merge-ing’ of treatment and academics for students for whom mainstream schools and classrooms are difficult to navigate. It is a place of welcoming and laughter, a place of empathy and support, a place of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and umpteenth chances. It’s a place of clean slates and fresh chances every day. -Delisle Youth Worker

Working at ‘Visions Day Treatment Program’ as a Youth Worker is a fulfilling, fun, exciting and sometimes challenging career. I am inspired by the youth each and every day learning who they are as people, achieving success and learning new skills despite their challenges with mental health. I am encouraged by the fun and unique ideas that youth bring to the program, which promotes a safe, diverse and accepting environment to learn and grow. - Delisle Youth Worker


Check out this youth made video on Merge!