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Delisle operates Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS) program on behalf of the Toronto office of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. CARS provides a single point of entry for residential placement, eliminating the need for parents and case manages to call multiple residences to find openings.

Our database contains up-to-date data for every mental health residential program in Toronto, making it easier to match a child's needs with the appropriate facility.

CARS provides a variety of important services such as:

  • Managing referrals to all mental health residential beds for children and youth in Toronto
  • Matching individual requests for residential treatment with the most appropriate providers
  • Monitoring response times and confirming admissions
  • Tracking clients in placement
  • Recording discharges
  • Monitoring available resources
  • Providing accurate overall system-based information for residential services
  • Every year CARS processes referrals for 400-500 clients aged 6-18, making approximately 1,300 requests for residential placement, typically leading to actual placement for about 200 clients.

    Professionals (only) working with a youth or family can call CARS (Centralized Access to Residential Services) at (416) 482-7884 to make a referral to residential services.

    If you are a youth or family member and are not working with a counsellor, therapist, or doctor who can make the referral, please call our counselling department at (416) 482-0081 to arrange an intake during which you can find out what type of help would be best for you and your family.